Final Blox | All-Weather Rat Poison

Final All-Weather Blox -
Mixed with 16 Human Food-Grades Rats and Mice Find Irresistible.

Final Blox

All-Weather Rodenticide

1. Strongest single-feeding anticoagulant rodenticide in the market.

2. Formulated with 16 human food-grades rat and mice cannot resist.

3. Can be used indoors and outdoors under any weather condition.

Final Blox

Final Blox is one of the premier rodenticides in the rodent control market today. Many professionals swear by this product and suggest it to all their customers. Combing Bell’s bait formulation and the active ingredient, Brodifacoum, creates the strongest single feed anticoagulant for rodents in our day. In addition, to attract targeted rodents, Bell has incorporated 16 different human food grades into Final blox formulation where rats and mice will not be able to resist. Tested and compared to other Brodifacoum rodent baits, Final blox was the preferred choice of rodents.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Final Blox

  • For immediate control of any sized rodent infestation
  • One of the strongest single feed rodent baits in the market
  • Highly attractive bait – 16 human food grades
  • All weather enduring bait
  • Test and approved

Final Blox Rodent Bait

Final blox is very effective in managing both mice and rats however it works particularly well to wipe out constant rodent problems. Considered as the bait of choice in the rodent control industry, Bell’s patented All-Weather blox are created from Bell’s exclusive production process that manufactures solid, multiple-edged bait. In addition to the food attractants, the equipped edges appeal to a rodent’s craving to gnaw. Like the name implies, “All-Weather” Final Blox work well in any condition – whether its sunny or pouring rain, inside or outdoors, Final blox will get the job done. Final Blox is one of the most convenient baits provided in the market for it can fit in tight baiting places and is compatible with multiple bait stations. For better results, it is important to consider placement of the baits. Find out locations where your rodents will almost certainly find and consume the bait. In general, these prime locations are normally along walls, by gnawed openings, in or besides burrows, in corners and hidden places, between floors and walls, or in areas where rodents or their signs have been spotted. Using Final Blox, you will be able to achieve unmatched rodent control. Rely on what professional rodent control operators trust in and manage your rodent problem today using Final Blox rat poison and rodent baits.